Make Sure You Have Surveillance Cameras at Your Home and Business Today!

Make Sure You Have Surveillance Cameras at Your Home and Business Today!
                       DYI Home Security Servaillance Cameras 

It’s no doubt that we are definitely living in challenging times today. It’s hard to even turn on the news today for fear of hearing some other type of disaster that’s about to happen.

My husband and I recently start looking into surveillance cameras and smart home security systems for our home. I didn’t want some high priced salesman to come to our house and then have wires ran all around the house.

I wanted a plug and play system, something that only takes a few minutes to get up and running. After checking with my big box stores and reading some reviews online, I placed an order for a DIY security system along with a doorbell camera.

The Wireless Home Security Set - Wi-Fi Home Alarm GSM was very easy to set up and activate using the voice prompts. You program the telephone numbers you want the system to call via Wi-Fi, when an emergency occurs. This alarm system is a high-end GSM and WIFI dual-net alarm with stable and reliable performance.

The system came with an Alarm Panel, Wireless motion sensor, Wireless Door Sensor, 2 Remote Controls (one for me and one for my husband), Wired Siren and a Power adapter. You can choose the system that fits your needs.

I contacted one of the major security companies here locally and they quoted me $599.00, for almost the same system. Depending on when you read this blog, the regular price on the system that I bought was $300.00. There was a sale going on that brought the price down to $149.99.

We also purchased the Wi-Fi Doorbell Waterproof Security Camera. The regular price of this Doorbell camera was $140.00. Most of the home remodeling stores sells this same unit for 199.00. We only paid $73.32, because of the sale. It took my husband about 30 min. to set up and program both items. My husband and I feel A lot more secure now that we have these items up and running.

If your interrested in seeing the items I bought you can visit their websit at    

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